We’re going to Florida for Christmas – Christmas and New Years eve at Disney World and Universal. Our plans and our hotel

Hi Lovely’s, it’s been a while since I last wrote blog post due to my mental health and lack of motivation recently, keeping it real! So today I decided to get back in to it and write a new post all. about our upcoming trip to Disney world in December!

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll probably already know, as I’ve talked about it enough (sorry, I’m just very exited!) I am going to Disney World again! We’ve finally booked it and we will be there during Christmas and new year! Which has always been a dream for me as I’ve always wanted to be at Disney on New Years eve. So this post is going to be all about our upcoming trip to Disney world. If you’re not all that in to Disney, then this post probably isn’t for you but if your nosey like me, then of course continue reading!

We’re flying from London Gatwick airport, so we will have to get the train from Newcastle to London the day before, and stay at a hotel near the airport. We fly out with Virgin Atlantic on Christmas Eve! I’ve never flew on Christmas Eve before, so that should be interesting! We are staying for 19 days, such a random number because those were the dates where we found the best deal for flights. We didn’t book a package, and decided to book the flights and hotel separate.

We’ve booked 2 hotels for this trip, one near Disney World and one at Universal. Last time we went, we didn’t get to go to universal and we wanted to make sure that this time we visit both Disney world and universal, so we thought booking two hotels was a pretty good idea.


Hotel 1 – Summer Bay Resort 

summer bsy

We will be staying at Summer Bay Resort for two weeks. It’s near Disney World and has shuttles to the parks and we found it for a good price on booking.com! We decided to go for this hotel as we will be getting an apartment, so there will be a lot more room.

summer bayy

summer bay


We will get a full size living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom as well as a balcony instead of just a room. Although there is nothing wrong with just a room, it will just be nice to get some extra space this time! Plus, I can put my messy suitcase in another room. Oh my god, you don’t even want to see how messy my suitcase was the last time we were in Florida. In fact, it was more than messy! It was an actual floordrobe. The hotel has multiple pools as well, so we’ll definitely be having a couple of chill days by the pool. With all that walking around at Disney, we’re gonna need it!


Hotel number 2 – Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal



universal royal pacific

Pool area at Loews Royal Pacific Resort.


Hotel number two will be at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort in Universal. We’re staying here for 5 days and I am so exited!  We chose this hotel as its one of the hotels that you get free express passes for the rides at Universal, which would usually cost quite a lot of money and the queues for the rides can be quite lengthy, so this will be a lifesaver! It’s definitely worth the money. This hotel looks beautiful and I can’t wait to see it in person!


I honestly can’t wait for this trip. We are planning to spend Christmas Day in Magic Kingdom and we also want to spend New Years eve in Magic kingdom so that we can see the spectacular fireworks show they have on for New Years eve to bring in the new year.

And thats our plans so far for our Disney world Florida trip! Are you visiting Disney world this year? and if you are, what dates are you going?


Lauren xo

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