Our Disney World Trip Week 1 – Where we ate, which parks we went to, and which fast passes we got – Can you still have a good time at Disney World without much planning?

Hi everyone! Todays post is all about week 1 of our Walt Disney World trip and how our trip turned out with minimal planning, so if your a Disney World lover, this ones for you! I must warn you though, this ones a bit of a long post! But if you want to read about week 1 of our Disney World trip then grab a cup of tea, and continue reading…

So I know that most people who visit Disney World plan everything months, sometimes even years in advance and have every single day planned. Unfortunately, we are not those people. We didn’t plan much, to be honest. We didn’t have a daily plan or itinerary, we didn’t make restaurant reservations for every day of our trip 180 days in advance, we didn’t book fast passes 60 days in advance, and we didn’t plan which park we were going to go to each day but we still had an amazing time. So, can you still have a good trip without planning every single day? In my opinion, yes you can! I know that people are say that you MUST plan plan plan, but we didn’t. So, I thought I’d show you just how our trip went without much planning.

Day 1 – We arrived in Orlando at 5pm after a lengthy 9 hour flight. We were tired, but exited. We got an uber to our hotel, Best Western Lake Buena Vista, dropped our cases off at the hotel, quickly got changed in to anything that was comfortable, in my case some gym leggings and a baggy Mickey T-shirt and then we headed to Disney Springs. We were starving so we went to Planet Hollywood for some food. We didn’t have to wait to be seated, we were sat down straight away in the outdoor area with a beautiful view of Disney Springs. We ordered Nachos, which by the way are HUGE. Me and Nathan almost ordered a nachos each but someone that worked there told us that the nachos were massive and that we could probably share and it would save us money. He was so right! We couldn’t even finish the nachos, but they were really nice. After this, we just head back to the hotel to get some sleep.








Day 2 – We woke up at 8am, had coffee on the balcony looking out at the view of Disney springs, and slowly got ready. We got a shuttle to the ticket and transportation centre and then took the monorail to Magic Kingdom. We got to Magic Kingdom at around 12.30pm and the crowds were standard, not the worst. The first thing we did was walk down Main Street and look at the beautiful castle. This is such a surreal moment! It was one of those “omg I am actually here” moments. Of course, I had to get a million photos of the castle cause one just isn’t enough. We had no dining reservations this day, and we were hungry. Since magic kingdom is the most popular park, it’s usually the most busiest as well and so we didn’t manage to book a last minute reservation whilst we were there. We walked in to The Diamond Horseshoe and asked if we could wait to be seated, it was only a 10 minute wait. The best thing about this restaurant for me is the decor, it’s so nice! The food however, was not. The menu didn’t have that much to choose from. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, but to be honest I just didn’t enjoy it very much. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with Mac and cheese as my side and unfortunately I am fussy with chicken and will only eat chicken breast, my chicken sandwich was chicken thigh so I ended up taking the chicken out and having a lettuce and tomato sandwich. It was also expensive, for what it was. Would I go there again? Probably not. After this, we managed to catch the festival of fantasy parade just as it was starting! Then we went to ride the Jungle cruise, which we had booked a fast pass for about a week or two before. It’s so good though! You should definitely ride it if you go to Magic Kingdom. We then went to Aloha isle and got two Dole whip ice creams on mobile order. We waited about 10 minutes for the mobile order, not bad since the regular line was very long! After eating our Dole whip ice creams, the time was now 5pm and we decided to see what rides had the shortest lines. The Barnstormer was around a 30 minute wait so we waiting in the regular line for that and rode it. After that, we went on the Dumbo the flying elephant, which we also didn’t get a fast pass for and the wait was only 10 minutes, if that! After this, we ended our evening watching the Happily ever after fireworks show. We sat down in our spot about an hour and a half before since people were already sitting down waiting. To get back to our hotel we took the ferry boat and then a shuttle bus from the ticket and transportation centre. Since we didn’t have an evening meal reservation booked and we were tired, we just used Uber eats and got something delivered to the hotel. So we managed to eat lunch at a restaurant, try pineapple Dole whip for the first time, ride three rides, watch the parade, and have very good views at the Happily Ever After show. I’d say the first full day was a success!








Day 3 – We woke up at 9.30am and left the hotel at 12 afternoon, we decided that we were going to Epcot. We had booked a fast pass for Soarin’ for 2pm a few weeks ago since we were told that it was one of those must do, kinda rides. It was amazing, so make sure you ride it! It can be hard to get a fast pass for this one even weeks in advance so make sure you get it as soon as you can! Wait times can be around two hours in the regular line. After this, we decided to get some Lunch. We didn’t have a reservation so we went to Sunshine Seasons in Epcot which was really good! It was a self serve restaurant and there was lots of options. There were both hot and cold food options. From what I remember they had different kinds of cold wraps and sandwiches, Mediterranean salad, Caesar salad, a fruit and cheese platter, hummus & vegetables, a hummus and vegetable platter with pitta bread and a range of hot food such as sweet and sour chicken, pizza slices, hot sandwiches and more. I thought this was a great restaurant as it had options for everyone! It was kid friendly  and had options for the kids, cold food, warm food, desserts, it had healthy options and it was vegan and vegetarian friendly. It was also cheap and there were lots of seats. After having our lunch at Sunshine seasons, we went to the Canada Pavilion and watched the O Canada! Short film. We then headed to the English pavilion to take a look around, and went in the cute twinning tea shop. After this, we visited all of the other pavilions. My favourite pavilion is definitely the Moroccan one! I love how beautiful the buildings are. We didn’t stop to get snacks or drinks at this time as we just wanted to take a look around. However, Nathan got a German beer from the Germany pavilion!














Day 4 – We went to Animal Kingdom. We got there in the afternoon and since it was our first time visiting the park, walked around all of the different lovely places. We had a fast pass booked for the Kilimanjaro Safaris which we booked two weeks before our trip and it was such an amazing experience. If you are wondering wether or not you should do the Kilimanjaro safari then the answer is YES! Every single safari is a different experience as different animals come out at different times. Luckily for us, we got to see them all. We got to see Giraffes, Elephants including adorable baby elephants, Wilder beasts, hyenas, alligators, a lion and many more. I highly recommend it! After this, we went to the Harambe Market for some food. We didn’t reserve any dining for this day so we basically just looked for anywhere that had mobile order. The food from here is amazing! There is lots of seating and honestly, we didn’t even need to use mobile order. I got the Chicken Gyro on a naan bread with African slaw and Nathan got the same. It was so nice! It’s a nice change from the usual burger or hot dog. After eating, we decided to go explore Dino Land, which is so cool! It felt like I was in some sort of old school fun fair. We didn’t have any fast passes but the wait for Primeval Whirl was only around 30 minutes so we decided to wait in line for that and ride it. It’s an interesting ride! Quite bumpy, but super fun. To end the evening, we decided to watch the Rivers Of Light show. We booked the fast pass seating two hours before hand which I highly recommend for a better seat. This show is absolutely amazing and extremely beautiful. The sunset over the river whilst we were waiting for it to start was the most beautiful sight. As we didn’t make any dining reservations for an evening meal, we decided to just eat at the hotel.










Day 5 – Hollywood studios! Again, we got there around 12pm afternoon.. can you tell we aren’t early risers? We walked up sunset boulevard, took about a million photos and looked around the shops before heading to Toy Story Land. Once we got to Toy Story Land we waited in line to meet Jessie and Woody. The wait wasn’t that bad, around 20 minutes and it was worth it! Unfortunately we didn’t have a fast pass for the slinky dog dash, and the wait was around 2 hours *sad face* so we didn’t get to ride it. After meeting Jessie and Woody, we met Buzz lightyear which is such a funny experience! He is such a poser. Then we headed back to Hollywood studios to get something to eat. Again, we didn’t have any food reservations so we just looked on the My Disney Experience app at what restaurants had Mobile Order in Hollywood studios. There was actually quite a few to choose from! So if your last minute like us, the my Disney experience app has your back! It was honestly a life saver for us. We mobile ordered from ABC Commissary. We both got the chicken club sandwich with fries and coleslaw and it was really nice! The price was good too. There was plenty of seating inside the ABC commissary, even though it was quite busy inside because it was raining outside, we still managed to find a seat easily. After eating, we wanted something sweet! We went to Fiarfax fare and I ordered the Brownie sundae because I really wanted something chocolatey. Nathan ordered the Apple crisp sundae and both were really really nice. The portions were huge! It’s fair to say, I felt a little bit sick after eating it. The brownie sundae was probably a little too sickly for me, but whilst I was eating it, it tasted good. After exploring Hollywood studios, we headed straight to Animal Kingdom. We actually had something planned for once! We had a fast pass reservation for Avatars Flight of passage, which we managed to get only two weeks before our trip! Walking in the fast pass line, I was so so happy and relieved that I wasn’t waiting in the normal line as it was over a 2 hour wait! The fast pass line was really short too, so we didn’t have to wait long before we were on the ride. The flight of passage really exceeded my expectations! It’s such an amazing ride where you have to go on it to truly experience it. This is 100% a must do ride. After this, we had an evening meal reservation at the rainforest cafe in Animal Kingdom. Wow, honestly, this restaurant is beautiful! It feels as if you are sitting in the rainforest under the stars. The attention to detail is amazing. When you look up, the ceiling looks like the sky with beautiful twinkling stars! I ordered the chicken parmesan and Nathan ordered a burger. We both really enjoyed them. In fact, the portion was so huge that I asked for a container and took the left overs back to the hotel and I saw quite a lot of other people do that too!









Day 6 – We were up early as we had a breakfast reservation at ‘Ohana. We took an uber from our hotel and of course I had my Lilo and stitch ears on, with a dress that matched! This breakfast was so fun. The characters were really great, especially Lilo! They interact with the guests so much and really get involved. At some point during the breakfast there is a parade where you can join Lilo and Stitch and parade around the restaurant to the song “Hawaiian rollercoaster ride.” I did however, feel like it was rushed when we met Mickey. The breakfast was really nice, it was all you can eat and of course Nathan made the most of it! I lost count on how many waffles he had haha. My favourite thing in the breakfast was the sausages, they were amazing. We also got fresh fruit, the famous bread and some juice. It was definitely worth it! Although, it won’t be on the top of my list to do again because I’ve already done it and would like to try other character meals. After breakfast, we had to go to the shop inside of the Polynesian resort to buy rain ponchos as it was really rainy! They cost 12 dollars each so word of advice, bring your own! You can get them for really cheap elsewhere. After this we wandered around the Polynesian resort. I’ve always wanted to stay here, it just feels so Hawaiian so I knew that I wanted to visit it and see what its like in person, even if we weren’t staying there. I love how they play Hawaiian themed music and literally almost wherever you are you can hear it. My favourite thing about this resort is the beautiful beach area with the swing seats that faces the lake where you can see the castle, the perfect spot for watching the happily ever after fireworks! I didn’t get to experience the fireworks from the Polynesian, but I will some day! In the afternoon we went in the hotels pool before getting ready to go and watch the happily ever after fireworks at Magic Kingdom. For our evening meal we just used uber eats, which was a life saver!




Day 7 – Disney springs day! We decided not to spend the day at any of the parks as we wanted to explore Disney Springs more. Our hotel, The best western lake buena vista, was only a 5 minute walk from Disney springs so we had a lovely walk to Disney springs and got some lunch. We ate at Blaze pizza which was SO nice and cheap. Disney springs is such a lovely place to do some shopping, go for food or go for a drink. We spent all day here and then most of the evening looking at different shops, going for ice cream and fresh lemonade.



And that was week 1! As you’ll be able to tell, we honestly didn’t plan our trip much before we came. I know that a lot of people visiting Disney plan months in advance, write itineraries and book fast passes and dining reservations as quick as possible but we decided to just wing it and do as we wanted. Honestly, I didn’t regret not planning the trip very much at all. I liked being able to just wake up and choose where we wanted to go on that day. Did it ruin our trip by not planning much? Absolutely not. We still had an amazing time and were able to go on all the rides we wanted to and visit everywhere that we wanted to go. If you’re not the kind of person that likes to plan our your whole trip, then thats fine! It does of course make it easier having some fast passes and dining reservations throughout your trip though! Planning definitely does make it easier and if you don’t plan every day and don’t make dining reservations then mobile order will be your best friend! Of course, everyones trip will be different depending on the time of year and business of the park. If its super busy at the time of year you are going then I’d honestly say plan some of your trip. We are going during Christmas and New Years eve 2019 and will definitely have to plan a lot of our days.

Week 2 will be up soon! Thanks for reading. Hopefully it isn’t too long and boring!


 Lauren xo


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