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I really struggle to get to sleep when I go to bed. I always seem to feel tired before bed but as soon as my head hits the pillow my mind starts to go in to over drive and then I’m wide awake, thinking about the most random things possible. I wish I was one of those people that are out for the count as soon as their head hits the pillow, but I’m just not! So because of this, I’ve always been a night owl.

Recently, I’ve been looking online for products that might help me sleep a little bit better cause lets face it, if you haven’t had enough sleep, your more than likely going to be a grumpy pants for the day! Or is that just me? I was lucky enough to receive a lovely package from Feather & Down which of course, I could not wait to try. They sell pillow sprays, candles, and bath and body products which they claim help you have a better nights sleep.

I  received a selection of lovely products including their famous best selling pillow spray, and the sleep essentials travel gift set. Their products are available in boots or on their website. All of their products are priced really good as well and are not expensive.

Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray 100ml:

This was definitely the product that I was most exited about trying! I’ve wanted to try a pillow spray for so long and as soon as I got in to bed I made sure to spray some on mine and my fiancé’s pillows.  It smells so relaxing and calm however it is a little strong so I usually spray it on to my pillow about 15 minutes before I go to sleep, then it doesn’t smell as strong and just has a beautiful relaxing smell. This lovely pillow spray has an infusion of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils encouraging a calm, tranquillity and a restful night’s sleep. Research shows that lavender increases the type of brain waves associated with relaxation, so its no surprise that 83% of people that have used this product fell asleep quicker than usual! Including me and my fiancé. I can honestly say that it helped me fall asleep quicker than usual. I think because the scent is so relaxing and calming, that it helps you to relax and the scent sends you to sleep. I’m not saying that this is some kind of magical potion that sends you straight to sleep as soon as you get in to bed, but it does make you feel more relaxed and calm, making it easier to fall asleep. I love this product and recommend it to anyone that struggles to relax when they are in bed, and for people that struggle to get to sleep.




Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Travel Set:

This travel set is beautiful, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. and it would honestly make a brilliant Christmas gift for anyone who struggles with their sleep or loves a good bath or shower. I’m so impressed by this gift set that I’ve purchased a few on Boots for my family.  The gift set includes four lovely products:

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray 50ml – A mix of chamomile and lavender scents making it easier to unwind, relax and fall asleep.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Melting Shower Cream – With calming lavender and chamomile essential oils. This creamy shower cream can be used in the bath or shower. I like to use it in the bath before bed, it helps me to relax which means I get to sleep quicker on a night time. This shower cream is up there with all of the luxury ones.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams All Purpose Sleep Balm – This pot of balm has a mix of Vitamin E and Essential oils. The smell of this is really relaxing, and is designed to be put on your pulse points.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Sleep Butter – Wrap yourself in a blanket of relaxing essential oils. Massage this in to your skin gently before bed and allow it to melt into your skin overnight.


PS – This gift set is in the 3 for 2 gift deal at Boots right now! Thank me later xo

I really like this brand and am so grateful that I got to try their products. I have already ordered some more of their products! Even though Feather & Down gifted me these products, all opinions are my own.


Lauren Xo



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